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Best Looking Classic Cars Of All Time

Once called the most beautiful car ever made by enzo ferrari the 1960s jaguar e type is a classic sports car mainstay. The fact that the 300sl was the fastest production car at the time which is not an exaggeration.

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Amongst the many models built was an exclusive group of 12 each hand built at jaguar s browns lane plant between 1962 and 1964.

Best looking classic cars of all time. 1954 mercedes benz 300sl if you have a love for cars and money in your wallet then this is the ultimate one for your collection. These are the 15 classic cars that define cool. To many the ultimate muscle car.

Maybe these guys have only driven used jalopies and don t know anything else. In celebration of the classic and exotic car events pebble beach concours d elegance and the woodward dream cruise in detroit total car score has weighed in on the car world s all time best. Well these are the cars they should.

If you only choose one car from this list to drive this is the one. The jaguar e type is one of the most instantly recognisable classic cars in the world. Here are 15 all time classics listed as a gift for your car enthusiastic soul.

Who wouldn t want to own a car that turns more heads than a bikini car wash. Those guys are liars. Audi s best looking coupe is shaped with classic proportions and detailed with 21st century tweaks like compound headlights with led elements.

The mercedes benz 300 sl was the autmost classic car to restore which produced by mercedes benz. This classic car was yet another beautiful machine from carroll shelby and only 23 cobra 427s were ever produced. It has mechanical direct fuel injection boosting power almost 50.

The doors are of the mercedes make it one of the coolest and classic cars of all time. We ve overheard guys say they don t care what kind of car they drive as long as it gets them from point a to point b. The mercedes benz 300 sl w198 was the pioneer of the sl class grand tourer and fastest production car of its time.

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