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Best Classic Muscle Cars

The car covers the area at the speed of 0 to 60 mph in just 6 9 seconds. The true red light to red light warriors were the 454 and 396 chevy cars the fe427 and 424cj ford cars and the 440 and 383 mopar the pontiac firebird and of course the gto.

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1965 pontiac catalina 2 2.

Best classic muscle cars. They do cost six figures depending on a buyer s choice. 1969 chevrolet camaro zl1. The best muscle cars are the ones the public purchased.

Boss cars and hemi cars were very rarely seen. The hemi was best known for making massive power with minimal aftermarket effort. Produced for a decade from 1964 to 1974 the plymouth barracuda is objectively one of the most celebrated muscle cars in history.

So realistically the average hemi cuda would run almost any other muscle car it encountered. This car is from ford company and leading as the best muscle car ever. One of the classic muscle cars the plymouth road runner was chrysler s attempt to offer car buyers a simple affordable muscle car just as muscle cars were starting to get expensive.

A significant influence on the muscle car era due to its fastback rooflines and flowing sheet metal design the pontiac catalina came with a 2 2 performance package boasting a 421 cubic inch v8 engine capable of 338 horsepower. Also detailed in this article are trustworthy sites to purchase classic cars and how much it costs to restore a classic car. Motorstell presents the top 10 most affordable best classic muscle cars to buy.

Named after the road runner of looney tunes fame this high performance car contained chrysler s famous 7 liter 426 cubic inch hemi v8 engine. A legendary american best classic muscle cars of all time the 1969 camaro zl1 contained chevrolet s 427 v8 engine the company s most powerful engine at the time and capable of 430 horsepower. In 1970 the model received a substantial overhaul and revision resulting in its most popular and most attractive body style.

The car was powered by the v8 engine of 5 0 liter which charges 290 hp and 290 pound feet torque engaged in it. The 1960s and 1970s are widely regarded as the heyday of the american muscle car. At 13 1 seconds the hemi cuda wasn t the fastest muscle car in stock form but in the 1960s you d have a hard time finding a stock hemi cuda.

These 18 classic muscle cars are among the cream of the crop. Very few camaro zl1s were produced making it a precious collectible. As indicated earlier classic muscle car prices do not run into millions.

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