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Best Classic Cars To Buy Cheap

When it comes to classic cars from the fifties the chevrolet bel air is often the way to go. As the classic car world is continuously surrounded by headlines of record prices astonishing investment returns and multi million euro collections encased in glass garages beneath 20 bedroom mansions it s hard to believe there is anything still affordable left out there.

Interested In Taking A Trip Back In Time To Appreciate The Most Beautiful Classic Car Beasts The Power Is Classic Car Magazine Best Classic Cars Car Magazine

Similarly great looks with top notch straight six power.

Best classic cars to buy cheap. Just because you don t have six figures to spend doesn t mean you can t afford a cool classic car. It s one of the most beloved american classic cars however it has a steep price tag even if it isn t in mint condition. It has an average fuel consumption of 10 7 miles per gallon and comes with a 3 speed automatic transmission.

However late 60s and early 70 s ford torinos can easily be priced below 10 000 as well. Bmw s shark nosed e9 chassis coupes 3 0cs are some of the brand s most beloved cars but their sedan counterparts are excellent as well. Whilst you can still pick up a good entry level 900 for around 3 000 a pristine 900 turbo will set you back around 10 000.

Setting out to dispel this belief we have followed our hearts along with our heads to select 10 currently. Here are 20 affordable muscle cars that are actually still affordable for now. It depends on perspective but like any other classic muscle the torino can soar sky high when it comes to the sticker price.

The saab 900 is slowly gaining popularity on the classic car scene. Another good classic car that you can get for as low as 13 500 is the 1976 rolls royce silver shadow which is a 4 door full size luxury car. The morris minor and specifically the post 1956 morris minor 1000 could just be the most useable and cost effective classic car you can buy.

With a little searching these are the best vintage cars you can find for 40 000 or less. The alternative is the equally astonishing 1955 1957 ford fairlane which goes for half as much than bel air on average. Cheap classic muscle cars.

Best Cheap Classic Cars

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