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The Best Classic Cars To Restore

Those classic cars all fit that bill but a good project should also be one you can actually start and complete preferably. Oldsmobile may be long dead and gone but back in the 60s and 70s the oldsmobile cutlass was one of the best selling cars in america and luckily there are plenty left.

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1964 1966 ford mustang the pony car that started it all the first generation mustang has always been a restorer s favorite.

The best classic cars to restore. With all the reliability you would expect from volvo the classic coupe is currently one of the best kept secrets in the classic car world. With that in mind here are the 10 best classic cars to restore. They re not exactly the best cars to restore.

It s one of the best designed cars of its era and as a result many more people are beginning to collect and restore the riviera. Those are all very nice but let s get real here. Ford mustang it s hard not to consider the ford mustang as the ideal restoration project for beginners.

There are other factors however that play into the attractiveness of restoring specific classic cars such as resale value and the ease of finding replacement parts. Many companies now offer replacement parts for this car making it even more appealing to restore. According to wilson auto repair not only does the camaro have a plethora of parts still available for this car but the actual restoration process is somewhat straightforward.

As well as ease of work you ll also need to go for something with a ready supply of spare parts and hopefully a car that will recoup your outlay if you choose to sell it. With its light controls torquey engine and good safety rating the 1800 es is great for day to day use as well as being one of the best classic cars for investment. Arguably gm s best looking a body design the cutlass also had an upscale interior and in 4 4 2 trim offered some of the best performance of its day.

You ll find nothing complex on these cars and parts availability is second to none. A good car restoration project should first be a car worth restoring. So if you re looking for something to buy as a project car here are our top 10 cars to restore.

1968 1970 chevy nova with over one million novas produced this might just be the cheapest and easiest cars to restore. Here are our picks for the best classic cars to restore. 1 buick riviera 1963 1965 this car is very fast and powerful for its size.

It s stylish and iconic and just about any mustang from the 1960s will provide a budding car enthusiast with a wonderful canvas to explore. It should be a piece of history worth preserving. For one the car oozes class.

The amc amx 1968 1970. With availability driveability and cost being equal factors here are our choices for the best classic cars to restore. It is a great choice for a first time project as long as you avoid the four door nova as there isn t much of a demand for them.

Those who aren t fans of mustangs can consider going with one of its rivals the chevy camaro. Fortunately some of the best cars to restore just happen to be popular ones as well.

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